Dear Editor,

I have just been informed that the popular religious programme ‘Up close and personal‘ which is aired on Sundays by the Fruits of Calvary Church has been pulled off the air. Pastor Renis Morian who invariably preaches the word is a very practical preacher and this is inevitable, considering that his commune is considered to be the so-called ghetto.

Last Sunday’s message I listened to, and he was speaking about the need for leaders in the church and community to respond to the needs of the people in the ghetto. He felt there was so much pain and hurt and some response should be had from those in a position to respond.

Pastor Morian’s programme lasts for 30 minutes. There are other religious programmes on Linden’s sole TV station and it now our fear that the next programme to be targeted might be Brother Milo’s (Church of Christ) because he also analyses, teaches and pronounces on the word wherein at times he states his mind on things current as these relate to his message.

This is a threat to freedom of expression, and people must take heed. More and more freedoms are being encroached on and today it‘s Morian, and tomorrow we are left to guess who is next.

Before taking any further action we would be happy to be provided with information on the rationale for pulling this religious programme without due process. Specifically, we are asking for the public to be told what Pastor Morian did or said that incensed or libelled the station, or what it was in simple language, that was bad for the public’s taste.

We would like to be informed about any rebuke or breach in the contract as this relates to airing of this programme.

Yours faithfully,
Orrin Gordon

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Mr Mohamed Sattaur, the Chief Executive Officer of NCN for any comment he might wish to make.

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