Fishermen should get gun licences to protect themselves from pirates

Dear Editor,
Two years ago I wrote a letter saying that fishermen should get gun licences. I again appeal for them to be given gun licences. If our policemen can’t catch the thieves on land, what about the pirates, who have the open sea as well as harbours to run to?

Let the fishermen fight the pirates at sea. There are now five fishermen missing with all their equipment, including the engine. Their empty boat was found in Suriname, and some people say that the culprits are Guyanese fishermen who live in Suriname and link up with fishermen there.

The rice farmers are also saying they need guns for the protection of their families and property, and to stop wild hogs destroying their crops, Like fish, rice is very important to us. If they stop catching fish what will happen to us? The government knows full well that these people are poor and depend on the sea for a living; they can’t go on strike like the sugar workers and so they should be well protected.

Then there are the businessmen; look how many of them are getting robbed, and they too can’t go on strike. Then there are other well-to-do people who are also being robbed by bandits. Why can’t the government give all of them guns for protection? Once you have a good police record, you should get a gun licence.

The government should set up special committee to deal with this matter, not the Minister of Home Affairs or the Commissioner of Police.
Yours faithfully,
Rudolph Singh

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