All parties should address VAT in their manifestos; the Minister of Finance should reduce it

Dear Editor,

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a burden on the shoulders, minds and pockets of the people of Guyana, for it is too high. I think, as most of my friends do, that it should be around 8% for foodstuff and about 12%  for building materials and services.

With the small amount Guyanese earn for pensions, wages or salaries, it is almost impossible for most Guyanese in rural households to live a decent and dignified life.

Those affected most by the current rate of Value Added Tax are older citizens, the unemployed, large household families, and schoolchildren; thus I am calling on all political parties to give consideration to this vexed matter in their manifestos, and particularly to the government in the person of the Minister of Finance to immediately display benign concern for the beleaguered citizens of this blessed country.

Many older folks have to forgo buying essential goods, services and medicines because Mr Vat, monster-like, is plaguing and tormenting them at every purchase they make. We are still hearing stories and witnessing situations where parents have to forego buying essential goods and services for themselves and children because of this burdensome tax.
Would the learned honourable minister be so moved to reduce it?

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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