The AFC is not getting its message out

Dear Editor,

I am from the West Coast of Demerara but have just migrated to Richmond Hill this year.  I was an IT staff member with the Government of Guyana with an inadequate salary and now I am looking for a job from a basement in Queens, New York.  I question myself every day why I came to America, and I always find the answer in low pay, no security, PPP victimization, widespread corruption and a society where the rich get richer and they can do anything they want with the poor.

I never wrote a letter to the press while I was in Guyana out of fear of the PPP.  When I was in Guyana, I really liked the breath of fresh air the AFC represented but as an IT person, I think they are pathetic at getting their message out on their website, Facebook, in the newspapers, and on TV.  I  met some AFC members in the Stabroek Market in early August when they were distributing AFC newspapers and they got me all fired up, but I was leaving the next week for America.  In Region 3, in my former village, no one knows much about the AFC. Why can‘t the people see the AFC more?

I went to their website and love their Action Plan, and I like the faces on their leadership pages, but the website is out of date with old material. I want to see video of their meeting yesterday uploaded today.  I want to see their opinions on taxes, how they plan to grow the economy, how they plan to create jobs in bullet format, how they plan to fight crime.

Why are these messages not more prominent? Even with all these issues, I still think the AFC will beat the APNU but the AFC will fail to get the 51% because of poor campaign strategy.

I have been reading the AFC message and they have made it clear they will not join the PPP or PNC.  As I read the letter columns, people like Ramjattan, Gerhard Ramsaroop, and Sasenarine Singh will never allow the AFC to go to the PPP or the PNC and that is good.  If I was in Guyana, I would want the AFC to start a new direction for Guyana. Where is Trotman on this issue of alliance with the PNC?

Will Guyana have a President Ramotar or President Ramjattan?  If they greet, meet and ground with the sugar workers, bauxite workers and other workers more, then they will win the presidency.  When did the AFC last go to Linden?  When did they last go to Enmore, Uitvlugt, Albion and the rest of the sugar country? This is an election for the AFC to lose and based on what I saw, they are losing it.  Why is the AFC not out in the villages campaigning day and night?

The leaders have got to work harder to win these elections. I like the AFC but I remain unimpressed that they are not reaching out to the youth voters more.

A good point for the AFC is that Team Ramjattan/Trotman is back; we youths like it. But we want to hear their message; we want to see their manifesto; we want to meet their leaders in Region 3 and I want to go back and vote if I can, but why waste US$800 when I cannot even hear their message on the website and Facebook.

Yours faithfully,
Nyron Asgar Ali

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