GABA should have sent notice of their intention to run a tournament since their election in February

Dear Editor,

As chairman of Pacesetters Basketball Club I feel compelled to represent our club because of the Georgetown Amateur Basketball Association (GABA).  The GABA is implying that Pacesetters did not register.  We didn’t, but it is known that our registration form, $18,000.00 and our team photographs were stolen along with other important documents belonging to the club from Mr Cadogan‘s car, which was parked on the Sports Hall tarmac.

It was the responsibility of GABA after being elected into office on February 14, 2011 to send all clubs a notice of their intention to run a tournament, and clubs have seven days to complete their registration.  Not because they heard that clubs were getting ready to call a no-confidence vote in them, should they come up with the thought of running a tournament for all associated clubs.  In the case of all the associations we have dealt with, the secretary usually writes the clubs telling them about the purpose of the tournament, the date and what they would be playing for.  The association calendar ends in September, and then clubs get a chance to run their fund-raising tournament or any other novelty tournaments.

Some executives of GABA have resigned, and GABA is not representing their clubs. Pacesetters and Ravens Basketball Clubs are still waiting to play the National Club Championship Finals which were scheduled for March at first but were rescheduled to April 29 then April 30. GABA knows the reason why the finals weren’t played on either of the rescheduled dates.

Yours faithfully,
Dennis Clarke
Pacesetters Basketball Club

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