Dear Editor,

I notice once again that the LCDS programme is back in the news again. While I think it may be good for Guyana, I want to focus nearer home. My family has been living in Meadow Bank (next to Banks DIH) for more than thirty years, and during our residency we have seen a noticeable reduction in pollution from Banks DIH; for instance, they have relocated their generator sets to another location and therefore there is noise and smoke reduction from their engines.

While this is a welcome effort, there is a significant level of air pollution that still affects us, the main source of it being Banks DIH.

After decades of residency you must have a good idea about who is the perpetrator. We would like to work with Banks DIH so we can exist in some reasonable degree of harmony. We realize that the area is an industrial zone, and there are laws governing operations there, but while our President is taking his agenda to foreign lands, he should take a look in his own back yard; charity and responsibility starts at home.

Yours faithfully,
Farhaud M Amin

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