Society should support and value teachers

Dear Editor,
I take this opportunity to wish all (overworked and underpaid?) teachers a wonderful World Teachers Day on Wednesday October 5, 2011. Teachers are the single most important resource for a child’s learning. We are active enablers of student learning.

As reflective practitioners we work hard planning, sacrificing and making our lessons come alive. The teaching-learning process is a dynamic one. Teachers are being innovative and are seeking to redefine our ever changing roles. Con-stant change and innovation characterize our profession. Let’s be willing to embrace change. It is necessary for us to be effective. Teaching can be quite a draining job, but the true teacher can tell you that it is worth it. When we think of the critical difference we make in the lives of our pupils, we know it is worth it.  We mould minds. We are proud of what we do.

Teaching is definitely hard work with teachers getting the blame for just about everything that goes wrong in education; however, we know that we are an important part of the solution. As we focus our attention with renewed vigour on closing the student achievement gap, let’s bear in mind the following saying: A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, what sort of house I lived in, or what kind of car I drove; but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.

An appeal is being made to all, including parents, education managers and the society at large, to support, encourage and value teachers.

Long live the teachers of Guyana and teachers everywhere! May God bless us all!

Yours faithfully,
Jennifer Cumberbatch

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