What about the interim management committee for the cricket board?

Dear Editor,

Just a few months ago I had suggested that President Jagdeo  needed to intervene in the crisis surrounding the administration of the Guyana Cricket Board and this did materialize after the court ruling of the Chief Justice, Mr. Ian Chang.

The President’s mandate to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport was that an Interim Management Committee must be established immediately, take control of the current situation and establish a new and legitimate Cricket Board; as he categorically stated that he did not desire a prolonged Government presence in the local cricketing establishment.

Two months have since elapsed and we the cricketing public are at a loss as to who are the principals of the IMC and when the New Board will be established; while the Minister of Sport is conspicuously silent on this matter.

I can recall the inaction of the Minister of Sport in dealing with the three area of contention that were established at a meeting held last year between himself and a few stakeholders and I again sense the same lack of urgency in dealing with this current situation.

While I must commend the efforts of the persons who have been making cricket possible, we need to look at the bigger picture and operate within the legal framework set out by the ruling of the Chief Justice and the policies of the West Indies Cricket Board. Is the Minister by his silence inferring that these persons referred to earlier in this paragraph comprise his I.M.C.?

I am once again calling on President Jagdeo to set this record straight as I am not so sure that his mandate to his Minister is being executed effectively, if at all.

Yours faithfully,
Mikail Koolhaas

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