‘Mista Ramotar should talk for heself’

Dear Editor,

This is what some people would call a defining moment. Some of us would simply say Eh! Eh!  Dis na naked curry favah?

I want to call directly on those who say we don’t have an elected dictatorship.
Ah wah dis now?

Mr Jagdeo has removed from the political scene an important TV station for expression of political views.  Only two Fridays ago his admirers feted him big time for bringing blessing to their lives. Then he gave all of us the greatest blessing of all: “Shut up! Have respect!” unda de constitution he upholdin.

How people tek it? One angry Buxton woman ring me and say she sure President want to provoke a march, to get to call out some secret tank like in Syria. Hm.

Jagdeo does talk bout law and order. He like fuh keep people in order, but he na got time fuh the law. He refuse fuh sign he own marri’d paper. Ow dat look?  He turn State House into hate house. Ah glad that good lady is outta de way. Because she should not be around when them characters coming down State House steps dem days 3 o’clock in the morning.

Well is one man I looking at fuh hear what he gun seh. Ramotar. He ah de running candidate. He got fuh have some opinion unless he is a mook.  Jagdeo always talking fuh you, Mista Ramotar, presidential candidate . Talk fuh youself now. You na speechlesss. Is time. You agree wid banning Sharma TV, or not?  As a candidate you gun shut you mouth when another candidate from the past get ban? Me na tink suh. In fack me hope not! Me na tink human being does behave suh. Tell the people so they know what to expect if you win. Because after that you all going right through. Dah mek de Broadcasting Board is a putty board.

Condemn Jagdeo! Talk now! Don’t wait fuh when the American Ambassada pay a courtesy call, then run you mouth. Talk you mind!

We frighen. Today, Sharma. Tomorrow, Capitol news. Next who? Channel Nine? Whe Vieira deh now?  He na guh ban dem wah sing de chorus. Ah done me done.  Ow dis Jagdeo he like cricket.

Jagdeo and Ramotar  shut down Sharma because tief man na like see he matty wid big bundle.
Me can’stay quiet when Jagdeo spit pan de people, because me bin ask the same people fuh give de young man a chance. Well, he still deh pan dah. He tekkin chance after chance!  Awee guh talk. Dis ah bare face advantage!

Yours faithfully,
Eusi Kwayana

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