One case of bullying in school is too much

Dear Editor,
With reference to the article ‘Teachers blind to it…’ written by Marcelle Thomas (Sunday Stabroek  October 2), I am indeed pleased that someone has taken notice of bullying in schools, and if the investigation reveals that the youth from Charity committed suicide because of it I wouldn’t be surprised.

I have long recognized that there is plenty of bullying going on in schools, that is why on several occasions when I am on Norma Joseph’s ‘Focus on women’ programme I advise that parents inquire of their children what problems they have in school, and where there is a case of bullying the parent must make time to go to the school and take the matter up with the headteacher. If it is more than the headteacher can handle, the police must be brought in.

A few weeks ago I learned of a case where a student was being bullied at a West Demerara school and I advised the mother of the victim to go to the school and take the matter up with the headteacher. The mother later informed me that when the bully and his associates saw her they wanted to know why she had to get involved whereupon she inquired of them if they would prefer the police.

When a student is bullied regularly his or her mood would change and s/he would sometimes find an excuse not to go to school. Here is where the parent(s) must pry because some children suffer in silence.

In spite of how busy the parent is trying to put food on the table, he/she must make time to listen and encourage the child to talk. We are dealing here with children, not things, and one case of bullying whether in school or at the bus stop is too much; it must not be allowed to continue.
Yours faithfully,
WP George

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