‘The third law of dialectics’

Dear Editor,
In the good old days when the PPP was in opposition and comrades were genuine comrades, one of the lessons taught at the famous Accabre College was the laws of dialectics. Eminent comrades such as Feroze, Moses, Navin, Donald, Ralph, et al, expounded on the third law of dialectics which was, the unity and the struggle of opposites.

The classic example that was used to explain this law was that in developing strategies and tactics, issues will arise where members will hold different views and will disagree with each other.  However, once the view is voted upon and a clear position is reached then all members are required to carry that line irrespective of the position previously held, hence unity in action.

I do not think that now that the party is in power this principle is null and void. I am therefore reminding Cdes Donald, Moses, Navin, Komal, Ralph, et al to acknowledge the struggle of opposites for the position of leadership and recognize the need for unity around the chosen candidate.
Yours faithfully,
Reggie Bhagwandin

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