GAPA has been providing seed, fertilizer, etc, to farmers since 2001

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Agricultural Producers Association (GAPA) notes with disgust the unsubstantiated claim made by the Alliance for Change that farmers were bribed to attend the PPP/Civic Rally at Albion, Corentyne. It is reflective of the AFC being frightened at the mammoth response of supporters.

The GAPA has been providing fertilizers, seeds, planting materials and technical support to non-traditional crop farmers since its relaunch in 2001, and the empty claims by the AFC that farmers were bribed to attend the PPP/C rally at Albion is a charade to cover up the lack of support by their own constituents.

Further, GAPA has been working closely with the government since the launch of the Grow More Food campaign in 2008 and has been distributing supplies to farmers since then, and does not consider the distributions to be a bribe, but due rewards to our hard-working farmers for the  continued growth of the agriculture sector.

The AFC seeks to insult the intelligence of our farmers and use them as scapegoats for their own political agenda. The AFC should not berate or deny farmers their due as they are the people who feed us every day.

The AFC should be ashamed of misleading the public that fertilizer was used to bribe farmers to attend a rally, when it is public knowledge that it is part of GAPA’s programme to provide support to non-traditional farmers, whether it‘s election season or not. GAPA will continue to support the grow more food campaign and advocate for more supplies for farmers.

In addition, members of GAPA are disappointed that the AFC would want to deny farmers support to cushion the effects of climate change, global price increases for fuel and other agricultural inputs.

The support that farmers have been receiving is meant to cushion these impacts and to further expand the growing agriculture sector.

Yours faithfully,
Steve Mangal
Guyana Agricultural Producers’

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