More than one person should have denounced Ramphal for his panegyric to Jagdeo

Dear Editor,
It is a shame in this country that only one person has publicly denounced Sir Shridath Ramphal for the servile panegyric to President Jagdeo as part of the Day of Appreciation. And that person is an expatriate Guyanese, Mr Emile Mervin. What a mess Guyana is in. Not one person in Guyana came forward and publicly condemned this. I exclude myself in that I did do so in one of my Kaieteur News columns.

In Friday’s edition on SN, there was a second missive but the letter-writer chose not offer a signature. The world has to have gone in a terrible direction when someone of the international stature of Ramphal could shower praise on a conspicuous autocrat like President Jagdeo. I don’t think anyone knows who Professor Sankat is or cares that he is smitten by Jagdeo. But surely, Ramphal should have shown more respect for his international record.

On a personal note, I never thought Sir Shridath Ramphal had any interest in democracy anyway. In all his lecturers over the past forty years, he never reflected on the urgency of good governance in the Caribbean.

Yours faithfully,
Frederick Kissoon

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