The PPP leadership would prefer a revived PNC

Dear Editor,
Since the electoral season heat started, President Jagdeo and Mr Donald Ramotar have been begging older PPP supporters to do something any right-thinking PPP supporter would consider abominable: to revive and resuscitate the PNC. The PNC, now called APNU, has become a political ghost in this election in many ways. The WPA has a dominant if not controlling hand in APNU, its campaign is lacklustre and it is disconnected from the nation. The same sense of apathy follows the PPP, which has resorted to transporting people to their rallies in traditional strongholds. The Guyanese people don‘t care about these two political wastes. But the PNC‘s demise is more telling. Which is why the PPP‘s leadership wants to revive the PNC. The PPP cannot operate or succeed without the PNC. So Messrs Jagdeo and Ramotar and the rest of the PPP campaigners are desperately trying to lift the PNC from the grave. They are desperately trying to bring back fear to PPP supporters. Because once the PNC dies, the PPP dies. Because once the PNC is seen as a whimpering kitten and not a big terrible wolf, the PPP supporters will not care to support the PPP of 19 years of corruption, immorality, wrongdoing, pocket-filling, burdensome cost of living, Pradoville mansions and friends of the rich and not the poor.

Without the PNC or a crippled PNC, PPP supporters can finally judge the PPP with some measure of objectivity. That judgement will be harsh. Frankly, PPP supporters see no need to vote for a PPP they are ashamed of, fed up with, resent or that has driven up their cost of living. PPP supporters know they can stay home and not fear the PNC winning the election because the PNC cannot ever win an election again. Many of the PPP supporters will do exactly that: stay home during election 2011 to show their disapproval of the current PPP leadership. A leadership that suspended a mandatory general congress and its election. What is comical and ironic about this desperation by Messrs Jagdeo and Ramotar is that these men are also telling us that the PNC is a spent force without any life left. Yet, they somehow want PPP supporters who have suffered in the past 19 years to bring back the same PNC they claim is dead.

If you as a voter have to deal with one wasteful, corrupt and mismanaging nightmare in the PPP, why should you revive another nightmare that will deliver the same suffering? Mr Jagdeo and Mr Ramotar have another think coming if they believe the youths will help them revive an imagery that will do nothing but create fear when they (the youths) know there is nothing but a PNC corpse behind the facade of fear. Jagdeo and Ramotar don‘t understand that people will only recall the most recent memories. The past 19 years of unadulterated mess is more than enough. Cheap political trickery will not work this time for the PPP. The people see and know the truth. The PPP will be judged on their record.
Yours faithfully,
M Maxwell

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