Why is there no stipend for the Berbice Cricket Board administrator when the Essequibo Board still receives one?

Dear Editor,
I am very surprised that the Guyana Cricket Board has removed the stipend of the administrator of the Berbice Cricket Board when the Essequibo Board continues to receive one for their administrator. Is this because I am the Berbice Cricket Board administrator and it has more to do with me personally than with any issue? It is not surprising though. What is surprising is that Mr Ramsey Ali, a person whom I respected, appears to have allowed this to happen under his nose. Is the Board answerable to anyone?

I call on the government to act swiftly to remove these persons from office before it is too late. Everyone is convinced that cricket is not their number one priority; after all, they are not affiliated to any cricket clubs. If the relevant authority fails to act, then other organisations will follow suit, and our image will be destroyed overseas.

I also call on all honest and civic-minded citizens and organisations to join hands in making sure that justice prevails and people account for their actions.

Yours faithfully,
Angela Haniff
Berbice Cricket Board

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