Courtesy pays big dividends

Dear Editor,

What Business are you in?

Is it hotel/Guest House? Restaurant? Guard Service? Taxi? Dry Goods Store? Supermarket? Medical Treatment Centre? Commercial Banking? Life Insurance? Newspaper Production? Printing? Manufacturing? Service Industry? Do you provide service through a Ministry or Corporation?

Regardless of the business you are in, you should always insist that High Quality Customer Care   is shown to your customers (both internal and external customers). It builds your image as well as your profitability. Far too many of our service personnel tend to be curt, unmannerly and sometimes even rude, thus turning away your customers.

Do not let discourtesy become a norm in our society. Encourage them to display what their teachers taught them during the years spent with them. Let your staff know  what is expected of them and help them to get there. Courtesy pays big dividends: start an epidemic.

Yours faithfully,
Joyce Sinclair

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