Roaming cattle still tormenting these three East Coast villages

Dear Editor,

Despite several letters written to the press, accompanied by photographs, about three herds of cattle roaming the villages of Happy Acres, Success and Chateau Margot on the East Coast, destroying residents’ fences, bridges and gardens, the owners and the authorities i.e. the Ministry of Home Affairs and the NDC of LBI/Better Hope are paying no attention to the pleas of residents or taking any action.

When residents report the matter to the NDC they would be referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs and when reports are made to the Home Affairs Ministry, after a long wait on the phone you are referred to the NDC with a polite “sorry, check with the NDC in your area”.

The owner of the cattle lives in Success and pays no attention to citizens’ complaints. The Ministry of Home Affairs used to have a crew of cattle catchers with a truck but now we are told that the truck is no longer available and the cattle catchers are demanding more money for their services.

Residents and property owners in these villages are now at ‘check mate’ and suffering from daily complaints fatigue and even fed up with both the NDC of LBI/Better Hope and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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