Shocked by the state of GuySuCo buildings at Ogle

Dear Editor,

I am a British national who visited Guyana several years ago with my father who was employed at Booker, Tate and Lyle Co.

I recently returned to Guyana on a holiday and was quite eager to again visit the Booker, Tate and Lyle headquarters, now GuySuCo, at Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

I was dismayed and horrified to discover that the Ogle Airstrip road leading to the GuySuCo compound was in an absolutely deplorable state, riddled with large holes and bumps. It was quite an uncomfortable experience traversing that road which was reminiscent of the hinterland trails.

Strangely, the road was in perfect condition until I passed the Ogle Airport and then the bumpy journey commenced.

Upon entering the compound, I also discovered that the buildings, which were once in pristine condition, are now in a state of deterioration. Sadly, this seems to be a reflection of the situation within the company as a whole.

I am quite shocked that the GuySuCo officials and the Government of Guyana would have such scant pride in maintaining the standards of an industry which has been at the very foundation of this beautiful country and I wish to appeal to them to remedy this state of affairs.

Yours faithfully,
Susan Cunningham

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