Why didn’t Mr Corbin move earlier to court against the ACB and Mr Case?

Dear Editor,

No doubt the media in Guyana would eventually get around to asking questions following the recent exchange of words between the leader of the PNC and the office of the president, but forgive me my impatience, I would like to pose some urgent questions to Mr. Corbin:

1).Why, Mr. Corbin, when according to you, you notified President Jagdeo by letter in October of 2003 that you intended to replace Ron Case on the ACB and he refused, did you not file that writ that you filed to the high court seeking Case’s removal, in 2003 instead of May 2011?

2).Did you, Sir, consider filing that writ seeking Case’s removal in the wake of, or even before CNS’s first suspension and did you inform the nation then of this situation with Ron Case being on the ACB in spite of your letter to the president in 2003 requesting that he be replaced among other requests?

3). Why file that writ now in elections year 2011 and what makes this elections different from elections 2006 when the writ could have also been filed, and in fact did you file that writ anytime between 2003 and 2011 when you obviously had all the time in the world to do so?

4). If I were to state that I believe that the current heated exchange of words between you and the office of the president is now staged, would you be terribly angry with me?

5). Now that you have been kind enough to inform us about the Ron Case problem in 2011 as it related to the ACB since October of 2003, and we are now reminded of all of the ACB’s subsequent recommendations to Jagdeo and his subsequent actions that have had dire effects upon the lives of many Guyanese, most recently, leaving 30 Guyanese out of work, could you now please caution APNU, which largely comprise the PNC, to reconsider any further marches in protest as many Guyanese strongly believe that this is precisely what the PPP government may be hoping for, thereby handing Jagdeo on a silver platter “an emergency situation in Guyana” to do with it as he pleases in his capacity as Executive President of Guyana?

Thank you Editor, I have no further question at this time for Mr. Corbin but should a future situation merit it, I ask in advance for the opportunity to question him again via your media space.

In closing I can’t help but hope that my fellow Guyanese realize that the moment is now upon us. I hope we are all ready and determined to act and act peacefully and decisively, that we could turn out in large numbers on elections day and we could take our friends, our families, take our children, especially our jobless and frustrated youths who have searched and searched and cannot find a job in Guyana. I hope that we can take them all down to the polling stations and then we could place that X where it matters most to all of us and country. Then, when we re-emerge, I hope that we can all go home, cook some food, throw an elections day party and then we can tell the rest of the world, proudly as we would have earned the right by then to tell the story, that we have had the easiest, most peaceful revolution known to mankind; that we had rescued our country and seized our future with as little as marking an X on a ballot paper. Thank you and God bless our Guyana!

Yours faithfully,
Roxanne De Cruiz

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