There are thousands who share the view that sections of the local media are unprofessional in their reportage on the PPP/C

Dear Editor,

What is wrong with calling a spade a spade? There are many Guyanese, in the thousands, who share the view that sections of the local media are deliberately irresponsible, reckless and unprofessional, especially in their reportage on matters pertaining to the PPP/C Administration.

President Bharrat Jagdeo’s counter on Sunday, at the Kitty PPP/C Rally came as a foil for the many sections of the media, particularly those with a deliberate and overt anti-government agenda. This blatant and irresponsible pseudo journalistic culture is being propagated via distortions, misinformation and the deliberate exclusion of the positive images and development in Guyana by these elements.

In this regard, one brings to mind the horrible Rwanda crisis of the early 90s. That situation was one where media propaganda caused the genocide of more than 500 000 people. Irrespective of one’s view, all commentators now agree that it was the news media that triggered the genocidal debacle. In Guyana, an analogous situation can very well develop, where ‘hate and war’ mongers can very well incite violence.

In this vein, President Jagdeo acted with great wisdom and maturity, by suspending the four-month CNS Channel Six ban until December 01, 2011, when the full sentence will recommence. President  Jagdeo, speaking to the crowd of supporters during a PPP/C elections campaign rally at the Kitty Market Square, made this announcement. This was simply because he had the larger and greater interest of the country at heart.

According to the President, he wanted to provide a platform for peace, and one in which no one can have “any excuse to create violence or enmity or to boycott the elections.” President Jagdeo further explained that it was Savitree Sharma who herself suggested four months of suspension and this was accepted. Mr. Sharma was guilty on numerous occasions of similar offences. However these are deliberately being played down by the ‘vulture’ media in our midst.

At this juncture, one must embrace the fact that there is a great distinction between errant and unprofessional media and those who strive for professionalism, reporting accurately and in a balanced manner. In this regard, the challenge is for the Guyanese people, characterized by common sense, knowledge and hard work, to embrace the development of Guyana. This can be done simply by the promotion of peace and unity.

Yours faithfully,
Kwame Mc Coy

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