State resources are to be handed out near to where PPP/C holding Linden meeting

Dear Editor,

The wiles of the PPP/C in manufacturing seeming support across Guyana is by now common knowledge in almost every household in Guyana, and the eve of what has been advertised as a major meeting by that party in Linden, has brought illumination to several machinations by the government to present a show of support which is disingenuous at best.

I am told that there is a programme being organized under the aegis of a state agency to coincide with the planned PPP/C meeting at Wismar on Sunday October 16th, where items are to be handed over to persons in the logging industry just a stone’s throw away from the location of the meeting, but strategically timed so that these persons, many of whom will no doubt hail from far-flung reaches both in and out of Region 10, will have no recourse but to remain for the political event to follow after this sham ‘presentation’, in effect creating a manufactured crowd of supporters on the back of the presentation of state resources to our residents.
My commitment to the People’s National Congress Reform and A Partnership for

National Unity makes it inconceivable that as a staunch supporter of the principles of the partnership, I could stand idly by and accept this detestable manipulation by the government of a state activity for political purposes, and so I look forward to the publishing of this letter before the conduct of this activity, so that persons will be forewarned of the duplicity being practiced by the government.

I am convinced that the A.P.N.U. is clearly the movement for change that Guyana needs at this time, as demonstrated by our statement of principles, and I urge Lindeners and Guyanese all to not be fooled by these tricks being employed by the PPP/C but to remain steadfast in their demonstrated will to see the backs of this government.

For a better life for all Guyanese, we must vote A.P.N.U. in the 2011 National and Regional Elections!

Yours faithfully,
Mortimer Mingo
Regional Chairman – Region 10

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