The defection of Dr Van West Charles is shocking

Dear Editor,

As a loyal Guyanese, who is anxious to witness urgent political change(s) so that our beloved country could return to socio-economic peace and stability, — I have to be naturally upset with the recent defection of Richard Van West Charles to the AFC.

Since “…charity begins at home…” one has to be shocked that the son-in-law of the founder-leader of the PNCR and someone who up to a couple of years ago had vigorously sought the leadership of the PNCR, would jump ship at this hour of the night—just before dawn breaks on November 29th.

I am further amazed that Mr. Van West Charles who often advocated for racial and national unity in Guyana, is now questioning the decision of the (current) PNCR leadership to enter into an alliance with other political parties via APNU in order to obtain the (electoral) removal of the PPP/C administration from office.

Editor, there is an obvious “… Silver lining behind the dark cloud…” and that lining is the vindication of the PNCR members who had decided some years ago to reject Van West Charles’ attempts to hijack the leadership of our political movement.

Yours faithfully,
Morris Wilson
Central Executive Member, PNCR

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