Many in the diaspora will return to serve if a progressive gov’t is elected

Dear Editor,

We in the diaspora are closely following the events leading up to the elections on 28 November. For my part, I am really looking forward to the election of  a government that is progressive and that can put the public interest above personal interest.

It is my sincere hope that Guyanese will vote on the basis of issues and programmes put forward by the respective political parties, rather than of sentiments.

Guyana has suffered too long since Independence because of the type of politics practised by our leaders. I am told that in the early ‘60s, Guyana was rated number 60 in the world, ahead of countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Given its vast natural and other resources, it is indeed sad that Guyana has not risen to the level of its potential and earned its proper place in the world.

I believe that it  has the capacity and potential to do so.

As Guyanese go to the polls, they need to reflect on the cause of this state of affairs, and take the necessary action. They owe this to the future of the country and indeed future generations.

Those who continue to vote on the basis of sentiments will stand indicted while politicians have themselves to blame for promoting this practice.

With a progressive government in place after 28 November, I am confident that many of us in the diaspora will willingly return home to continue to serve of our country.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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