Samuel Hinds is a truly remarkable gentleman

Dear Editor,

It was Shakespeare who said: “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

I say in the case of Archibald Samuel Hinds, he has been blessed with all three of the roads to greatness and success.  He is truly a remarkable gentleman whom history will embellish as a catalyst of peace, harmony and unifier of peoples when it is written.  I look upon Sam Hinds and I see the makings of an iconic gentleman, nearing to that of the greats as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and even Nelson Mandela.  His spirituality is developing to the extent that if he moves fully in that direction, like of people of this calibre, he could be a universal teacher of mankind.

Oh yes, I know many will criticize me for saying this, some will taunt him and even I, but this is my opinion and as a child in the world of spiritualism, that is what I see, hear and smell.

Those who have eyes to see let them see.  Those who have ears to hear let them hear:  “The paths, the grass, the roadways that he treaded and treads are blessed.  His destiny was for greatness.  If his family could realize his moment of birth, and growth, and reflect, they would see from birth the making of a historical figure.”  This is how such things usually are, for those who can see and reflect.

Over the almost last two decades, I have paid serious attention and have studied this gentleman.  His ingenuity in decency and honesty impresses me much.  He is not only a scientist, but also a visionary, a man of wisdom, a judge of humanity and of excellent character.  Rarely do men of this calibre come about.  His ascension to power was not a political ploy, but a plan from the Creator, the God of Man, but only those with eyes to see can see such things.

And not all that have sight can see the depth of such things!!!  Further, and much to my heart, he is one who believes in the Oneness of mankind; in universal brotherhood; a one world society, where men are not judged by their ethnicity, or colours or shapes, but by the content of their characters.

Congratulations to the Hon. Prime Minister – Samuel A. Hinds for him being chosen as Prime Ministerial candidate of the PPP/C.  I think it was another master stroke of that experienced and seasoned political party.

Yours faithfully,
Roshan Khan

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