End Result Deficiency Syndrome

Dear Editor,

At a PPP/C meeting held on Monday October 17 in the middle of Central Cummings Lodge it was proven again that disgruntled persons who use to support this party blindly are now seeing the light. Although the meeting was announced days before to start at 6:30 p.m., the organisers became desperate ten minutes before the scheduled start and had to do it all over again because there were a few persons there. Yet for all their efforts, around forty persons attended in the end. The residents must be commended for their stance against consistent disrespect by the ruling party as was highlighted in this very newspaper, compliments of your column.

At the moment all the streets are in a deplorable state, the drains are covered with weeds, there are few street lamps, no road signs and hardly any opportunities for the youths. Imagine the hundreds of school children walking through this village to school and then singing “Dear Land of Guyana.”

Of course Mr. Anil Nandlall and company had a field day in trying to brainwash the few in attendance with stories of twenty years ago and irrelevant statistics.

All of these meetings remind me of when a parent uses tricky words to force a child to drink medicine. I hope those in attendance did not fall for the bait and together with those that ignored the meeting they now have to complete the job and vote for a change. If there was a team from the opposition to debate the statements made at the meeting it would have been very interesting.

For example when they say that billions of dollars were spent on health the reply would have been that the service at the Georgetown Hospital is still inadequate. Thousands of house lots were distributed will be rebutted with these lots were sold for a profit by the Government and purchasers and their families continue to live in poverty.

When they say that inflation is only 5% the realization is that the majority of Guyanese cannot afford to buy basic food items like chicken, flour, eggs, milk and cheese as required.

This is why the PPP/C is afraid to face the opposition in a public debate. Nigel Hughes, Rupert Roopnaraine and company would destroy them at their own game in front of the whole country.

This Administration seems to be suffering from End Result Deficiency Syndrome since in all of their programmes and perceived successes the desired results are not met which is the working class being the beneficiaries. Talk about being inspired by Cheddi Jagan.

Yours faithfully,
Mr R.M.Khan                                                                             

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