I am still to receive my CAPE Spanish grade

Dear Editor,

First of all I would like to thank Miss  Saudia Kadir and Miss Dawn Griffith of the Ministry of Education – Exams Division, Q.C. for their invaluable assistance in trying to assist me.

I wrote the CAPE examination in May of 2011, two subjects, Communication Studies and Spanish. On receiving my results I saw that I had passed Communication Studies but was ungraded in Spanish.  Ungraded means that the examiners in Barbados did not receive a component of the examination.

After consulting with the Exams Division I was told to bring in the slip verifying that I wrote the complete exam which I did after photocopying them. That was around the first of September 2011.  Almost on a daily basis I kept calling Exams Division to enquire of my grade only to be told that it was an internal error because the time table had three days instead of four, the fourth being the oral which I was never informed of.

Dear Editor, I should not be made to wait so long for my grade when I did all that was asked of me and moreover I am the only CAPE student with such a complaint.  I urgently need my grade because it is delaying me from gaining the employment I need and every time I call all I keep hearing is that no reply came for me from Barbados.

Last Wednesday when I called Exams Division I was told that the relevant authorities in Barbados have agreed to release my grade within a week’s time only to be told on the 11th of this month by Exams Division that they got no word from Barbados. I am kindly asking the relevant authorities to fulfil their obligations and not to treat people like a puppet.  I am not begging any favours, I am asking what’s due to me.

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Yours faithfully,
Richard Duke

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