What has happened with the interim committee for Guyana Cricket Board?

Dear Editor,

The disrespect shown to the Guyanese public by the illegal Guyana Cricket Board continues without the intervention of the relevant authorities. It is not surprising that the West Indies Cricket Board accepts the Guyana Cricket Board for they themselves have lots of incompetent personnel selected or appointed through favouritism. With the current West Indies Cricket Board members, it is clear that the West Indies Cricket Team will never in our lifetime reach the number one ranking in the world again.

What energy level does the President at his age have to run an organisation of that magnitude? But we suspect that the West Indies Cricket Board turned a blind eye to the illegal Guyana Cricket Board elections because of the support they will get for future elections. In our opinion, the role of the West Indies Cricket Board is to only accept legally elected Cricket Boards.

All decent cricket lovers expected that the Government, based on statements made by President Jagdeo and Sport Minister Anthony, would have stepped in to curb the malpractices and unaccounted funds disbursed to the Essequibo Cricket Board by the Guyana Cricket Board. It is clearly evident that the Berbice Cricket Board is sidelined on all activities in Berbice run by the illegal Guyana Cricket Board. It is not surprising though, for the Berbice Cricket Board never accepted the so-called Guyana Cricket Board as the election was hijacked and illegal and the current Guyana Cricket Board is operating in contempt of Court. It seems like the Guyana Cricket Board thinks that everyone has already forgotten the Court Order made by the Honourable Chief Justice, but that is not so and we will not relax until justice is served.

Editor, if this situation is allowed to continue, we hope precedent is not set for all other elections of office bearers of the organisations. Don’t let people fool the public that if the Government sets up an IMC (Interim Management Committee) to run Guyana cricket, the cricket will suffer. The cricket is suffering anyhow under the current administration of the illegal Guyana Cricket Board and any IMC will be temporary.

Yours faithfully,
Angela Haniff,

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