Freedom of the press is the backbone of a democratic society

Dear Editor,

I am so digusted with the PPP/C’s persistent efforts to deny opposition parties equal access to government-owned/controlled media houses, and muzzle the independent media such as Sharma’s TV station, that I am forced to support the pledge of APNU that it will liberate the media, once the partnership is elected to office after the November 28 general elections.

Editor, the PPP/C has to be made to understand that state-owned media houses are funded by the taxpayers of Guyana, and therefore those houses have to be available to all political parties and interest/civic groups in Guyana.

The latest infringement is the condition that opposition political parties will only have five minutes weekly during the election campaign period on NCN.

Editor, I believe that freedom of the press is the backbone of a democratic society.

Yours faithfully,
Morris Wilson

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