Heartened by President’s statement regarding Globe Trust depositors

Dear Editor,

Some months ago, I had cause to remind politicians, that come Elections 2011, the Globe Trust and Investment Company Limited depositors, who lost their savings, will remember them for their silence on the issue.

I was therefore heartened, like many of that institution’s depositors, at the President’s statement, concerning their savings, during his address at the Peoples Progressive Party rally at Wismar on Sunday October 16.

Throughout the eleven years of the GT&TICL issue, culminating in its final liquidation, many of the political parties and those who are now vying for the presidency of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, were as silent as the grave in respect to the loss of depositors’ savings.

During a recent political discussion on television, one of the participants quoted Pastor Martin Niemöller, on the consequences about being silent on important issues. I would therefore wish to urge those ‘silent‘ politicians, to reflect on Niemöller’s words, as they await the outcome of the 2011 elections.

Finally, thank you Mr President, for confirming our belief that all is not lost in respect to our savings.

Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn
Major (rtd)

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