Land Court decision should encourage squatters to accept house-lot offers from the state

Dear Editor,

The state has been distributing thousands of house lots countrywide yet squatters continue to covet others’ property. For example, five or six years ago, Sarah Johanna, EBD was pounced upon by several squatters, mostly from Land of Canaan and Pearl, and they have since been in the news from time to time. For example, a few days ago it was reported in the media that ten of these squatters were caught stealing GWI water with illegal connections.  And before that, several were brought before the courts for stealing GPL electricity.

The law courts now seriously adjudicate on squatting cases and on Friday two weeks ago, the Land Court gave a landmark decision in a case, and found that a certain squatter had no claim to the owner’s property. This decision should serve as an encouragement to would-be squatters to take advantage of the state’s house-lot offers, and would help to curb the unsocial behaviour which squatting engenders.

Yours faithfully,
V Munroe

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