Nothing new in the PPP manifesto

Dear Editor,

Any Guyanese, even the most ardent PPP supporter, knows that life has gotten tougher under the PPP of the past decade. The gains made by the Jagans have been erased by crime, corruption and cost of living nightmares under Jagdeo.

This PPP manifesto has nothing new. Nothing new means it’s the same old thing. The same old thing means we get the same corruption, suffering, misery, cost of living disaster and runaway crime. What this manifesto really tells us is that the PPP of Messrs Jagdeo and Ramotar is just like the PNC of Forbes Burnham.

That they will do whatever they want and we the people don’t matter. Burnham’s PNC had the same sense of bullyism, the same ridiculously misplaced sense of being right even when the entire country told them they were wrong.

The manifesto tells us that the Ramotar/Jagdeo PPP just do not listen. That they don’t care.

That they have all the answers and know better than the Guyanese people. After all the pain, anguish, misery, suffering and complaints from the Guyanese people, how could President Jagdeo and Mr Ramotar have the barefaced gumption to tell the Guyanese people and their own PPP supporters that they will not change anything or change the way they did things for the past decade?

If Ramotar/Jagdeo’s manifesto says nothing will change, then the sycophants, soup drinkers and the rich and powerful will continue to fill their pockets after 2011 at the expense of the working class people Cheddi Jagan fought his entire life for. Every Guyanese wants major change in this country. For Jagdeo/Ramotar to craft this no-change manifesto, it means they don’t really care. They are now firmly caught in delusions of their own grandeur.

They have lost the ability to see and hear. They believe they are right and that everyone else is wrong.

The manifesto is a barefaced insult to truth and change and is therefore an insult to the Guyanese people. It lacks vision. It also confirms that Mr Donald Ramotar is a shortsighted and visionless man.

It tells us that Mr Ramotar does not have any plans of his own. That his vision is to continue failed policies. The only change in this no-change manifesto is the big change that will end up in the pockets of a few, paid for by the taxes of all of us, including the PPP supporters. This Cup has been to the well of lies and deceit too many times; its bottom has fallen out under Messrs Ramotar and Jagdeo.

Yours faithfully,
M Maxwell

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