Christ only ever campaigned for God the Father

Dear Editor,

As a follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings, I cannot allow Juan Edghill to make the statement he made on Sunday without a strong rebuke.

It was reported that Mr Edghill, who publicly announced his support for the PPP/C on Sunday, said that were Jesus to vote in Guyana’s elections, He would vote for the PPP/C. That is a sacrilegious statement and as the leader of a church, Mr Edghill should be thoroughly ashamed of himself and on his knees doing penance right now.

Jesus Christ was the greatest politician who ever lived, but He only ever campaigned for one ruler – God the Father. He would only have voted for and endorsed Him.

As chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commis-sion, Mr Edghill has no business endorsing any political party. He is supposed to be neutral. His attempt to lure Christians to the PPP/C has exposed his own feet of clay.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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