Ever increasing numbers of Afro-Guyanese are imbued with the vision of the PPP/C administration

Dear Editor,

Nigel Hughes should have started his press release of October 24 where he ended, proclaiming he is the proud descendant of a long line of field slaves. Lost in the current black reality in multi-ethnic Guyana, he finds it easier to resort to irrelevant historical analogues.

The recorded history of black people in Guyana is one of struggle and more struggle in the ranks of the PPP, leaving an incredible legacy of commitment and sacrifice.

All this makes his characterisation of the ever-growing progressive black body politic offensive.

Worse yet, he fails to denounce the historically inept representation and the visionless leadership that bedevilled Afro-Guyanese post Independence.

Like his mentors in the AFC, he duplicitously espouses non-racial politics while disparaging Jagdeo and the PPP, whose track record in promoting ethnic diversity is legend and resonates in the Guyana of today.  His explicit contentions about the lack of recognition of his legal prowess are revealing.

Unlikely as it seems, past exhortations have failed to secure his commitment to recognise the mores of the fraternity and society.

The agony of the Hughes of Guyana is rooted in the awareness of their irrelevance and the forward march of ever-increasing numbers of Afro-Guyanese imbued with the vision of the PPP/C administration.

The broad rejection of their racial sentiments forces them to speak to themselves and an increasingly small, blind collection of extremists.

Maybe like Saul, Hughes would see the light, abandon racial extremism and try to be a more functional part of Guyanese society.

Yours faithfully,
Roger Luncheon
Presidential Secretariat

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