Every criminal is entitled to legal services

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read in the press about President Jagdeo’s outburst against Mr Nigel Hughes, stating that Mr Hughes will never become a senior counsel under his or Donald Ramotar’s government.

I have long been of the view that the judiciary is influenced by the ruling party, and now that has been confirmed by the President of Guyana at a political meeting where the President said that one of our best lawyers will never be confirmed as a senior counsel. Mr Jagdeo says that Mr Hughes defends drug lords and drug criminals. Every criminal whether he is a murderer or a drug lord is entitled to legal services. The law of the jungle cannot be applied in a civilized society. Should a doctor refuse to attend a patient if that patient is a drug criminal or a murderer?

The Bar Association should not remain silent on this matter. No President or head of a political party has the right to stifle a professional‘s upward mobility. Something is wrong with the people in this country tolerating all these nonsensical statements from the President.

I am urging Guyanese to vote for a change in the upcoming elections. When one party is ruling for too long it causes them to be arrogant and complacent, and that is what is happening in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Balwant Persaud

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