Our youths have chosen to be positive

Dear Editor,
As a citizen of Guyana, I am proud of our youth and I would like all of our adult Guyanese to give thanks and praise to our youth who have let their votes that were cast on November 28 bring back some pride and dignity to the Guyanese people. It could have been worse, if it weren’t for them. Both the APNU and the AFC would have entered Parliament without a voice.

As for the adults who chose to be negative and who did not vote, they have contributed to the downfall of a landslide victory. I ask from this day on that they change their mentality towards change; it‘s inevitable.

Our youths have chosen to be positive. Some of them went out as early as 3 am to get persons to go and vote. This I must say is a very commendable act.

From now on let us stop thinking that our youths are not looking and listening; let them look at and listen to positive things coming from the adults.

Let us give them a chance to have a say in what takes place in parliament. We should look at giving our young people observer status in parliament, at least. They are to be complimented.
Blessed love to the youth of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Juliana Hughes

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