Garbage in parts of Diamond Housing Scheme not collected for nearly a month

Dear Editor,
I am befuddled by the consistent and inexplicable lengthy delays of garbage disposal in the vicinity of Diamond; this continues to be a thorn in the flesh. Like innumerable others, I too am a resident of the Diamond Housing Scheme, between Fifth and Sixth Streets.

We are accustomed to the garbage being collected by the disposal service on Mondays, and so we make provisions for this. Residents would usually wheel their bins onto their parapets on Monday mornings prior to departure for work, in anticipation that their garbage would have been collected by the time they return in the afternoons. However, to our chagrin and frustration, when we return, the garbage bins together with their overflowing contents are still in their untouched positions, with the exception of cases where rummaging dogs in their quest for a meal would paw, tatter and shred whatever contents are within their reach. Understandably, this results in garbage-strewn parapets which not only look very unsightly but also require a clean-up campaign.

Currently, we are still awaiting the disposal of our garbage. It has almost been a month now since the garbage was collected. My household is in possession of a solitary bin, which has been well compressed for the above mentioned period to a point where it has become incompressible. These days I have to hang plastic bags of garbage on my grilled fence. This situation has become repugnant, and I sincerely hope that the relevant personnel can shed some light on this issue and take some action.

Yours faithfully,
Raul Khan

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