Reaction of police to peaceful protest was disgusting

Dear Editor,
I find it despicable that the back of Mr James Bond should show evidence of the brutality dispensed by the Guyana Police Force. I disagree that there should be protests over the elections, but I support the right to protest for those who choose to do so.

What I find disgusting is the reaction of the police to what is considered a peaceful protest. I am not suggesting that the police should not do their jobs, but it is the same police who thoughtlessly feel that they have to be judge and jury and dispense injustice under the premise that they are there to protect, even if what they are protecting is worthless. They the police show no in-depth thought process to refrain from brutalizing their fellow citizens. I am surprised but grateful that they did not use real bullets. At least, in this case, they showed some restraint.

It is useless to continue to protest at this point in time because the elections are over. Steps that should have been taken were overlooked by the opposition. At no time should there be voting taking place at someone’s house. What that does is cast suspicion on the entire process even if no illegal act transpires; therefore, to protest at this point in time is useless and wasteful and will cast doubt on the results of the election.

It is with relief that I admire the national reaction to the election results. The lack of disturbances gave many pause to realize that Guyana could have an election and remain peaceful and civil; that there is no use for water cannon and curfews, and loss of property, showing that we as a people could deviate from past behaviour and accept that which we dislike as admirable.

However, the action of the police with their zeal to suppress could be the catalyst that changes that peaceful outlook. Let‘s hope that level heads prevail.
Yours faithfully,
Patrick Barker

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