The document recording the compilation of the SOPs should be posted on Gecom’s website

Dear Editor,
Dr Surujbally declared that Gecom and its staff do not practise dishonesty or collaboration with any political party. He assures us all that the results are the true compilation of the Statements of Poll of our Regional and General Elections.

We are also informed that valid copies of the SOPs of each place of poll, are posted outside such place of poll for all interested persons to peruse, record, etc. I believe that the SOPs have been posted at the places of poll and I want to believe the good Gecom Commission Chairman’s declaration and assurance. What we need is access to the file/document that Gecom compiled of all the data from the SOPs so we can compare the data to satisfy ourselves and accept and defend the declaration and assurance of the Gecom Chairman.

It has not been the practice, in the past, for Gecom to make this file available on their website. This position should be modified to one of open access to such public information. It should only take a few minutes to upload and would be at a negligible cost. The media can then publish this for all to see.
It is my firm belief that this will open the door to verification of the file/document by all interested parties and close the door on any doubts about Gecom‘s compilation performance.

Yours faithfully,  
Colin Ming    

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