Dear Editor,
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 will go down as a dark day in the political annals of Guyana. That was the day when peaceful protesters (including women and children) were shot by trigger-happy policemen. We await next the water cannon.

This phenomenon is a clear signal that there is a policy of continuity of Jagdeo-style repression and intimidation, rather than one of cooperation and compromise, This is not surprising since what emanated from Mr Ramotar’s mouth during the twelve-year Jagdeo presidency, was a  hardline endorsement of the latter’s authoritarian positions, eg, with respect to shared governance.

It is time for all facets of society to raise their voices in opposition to the madness. For one, the Private Sector Commission, which had volunteered to transport the police force over the election period and showed unmitigated hostility to protest action, should take some blame for the December 6 disaster; people are more important than profits. Let us not forget that, even if the PSC wishes to pretend otherwise.
Yours faithfully,
Desmond Trotman

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