The university should expand its programmes in forestry, agriculture and mining and students should move away from sociology, social work

Dear Editor,
Today we are hearing that people are marginalised, people are discriminated against, people are being denied jobs after they have gotten a university degree, etc.

Gone are the days when people were doing their own thinking. Today we expect the government to provide us with a job, and to pay us well. We do not intend to create openings for ourselves by studying the right discipline. All graduates expect to have a high-paying office job; they all want to be salaried workers, but most of the successful men and women are those who started from the bottom of the ladder, be they self employed or salaried workers.

Our university must expand its forestry and agriculture programme, its study in mining and surveying among other unpopular fields. If successful completion of such programmes is encouraged, then we would not have graduates in Sociology and Social Work blaming the state for not providing them with jobs. These graduates need to move away from the urban areas

and seriously create jobs for themselves. But I guess rural work is too menial for the likes of folks born and bred in urban areas.
Our government needs to re-think some form of compulsory National Service for our young men and women. This will keep them away from the streets, instil a level of discipline and bring a heightened level of patriotism which they will always cherish.

We find that because many of our youths lack basic skills and direction they are easily led by others in all sorts of disruptive activities much to the chagrin of the nation.
Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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