Why can’t the PNC leadership tell the supporters the truth?

Dear Editor,

Here we go again. Why does the leadership of the PNC continue to drag their followers through a never ending emotional rollercoaster ride without telling them the truth?  After a lot of raised expectations quite a large percentage of our electorate ends up disillusioned, frustrated and angry.  So here again were are forced to see the venting of emotions on our streets.

But before I go further I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr Donald Ramotar for the auspicious opportunity given to him to take on the presidency of our country.  He has the challenge to do a lot better than all his predecessors.

After the 2006 elections Mr Hamley Case wrote about women weeping at Congress Place. This time around the response was no different. Before the protests on the streets many remained at home and wept.  Some were sick and bed-ridden waiting for something magical to change the results.  When that was not forthcoming they converged in front of parliament for answers and were led to the Square of the Revolution where they were told to be calm. How can one calm a pressure cooker?  People are now given the impression that their redemption lies in the Statements of Poll.

I would like to see the SOPs but I do not envision very much difference than what exists. This was a very competitive election. People did what was asked of them.  Even the PPP/C could not believe the early numbers and panicked, calling for recounts.

Why is it the leadership of the PNC cannot bring themselves to tell their supporters the truth?   What’s the truth? They do not have the numbers to run a race-based campaign. For years I have been penning my ideas to cut race-based voting but those concerned did not listen.  I continue to be in awe of the PNC insistence that their leader come from a particular ethnic group.  Don’t even try mentioning the PPP/C here. It is beside the point.  After Mr Hoyte’s death I thought it would have been Mr Murray. So much absurdity.
For this election I pushed for Clarissa Riehl. I know for sure that the majority ethnic group would not be comfortable with electing a leader from the minority group.  The leadership of the PNC should have been bold enough to break it to their followers that they would have to pin their hopes on an Indian or someone of a mixed heritage who would represent them and all other Guyanese equally. That’s the way to get the things Mr Lewis is concerned about as espoused in his recent letter.
I was blindsided by the introduction of Mr Granger onto the political stage.

Because I knew he is a good man I had to back off and be quiet, lest it be misconstrued that I am against him.
In any case I felt I had said enough earlier. The PNC would say that APNU arrangement catered for and was a multi-racial attempt. What ended up at the end was the cementing of racial lines.  You cannot be going after crossover votes and allow your supporters to disrupt the campaign meeting of other parties.  How would you get your message out in PPP strongholds?    I am referring to the disruptions in Buxton and Victoria.  Party followers should have been advised against this.

Although the majority ethnic group voted race they overwhelmingly indicated that they are willing to vote for a party other than the PPP.   Let’s face it folks, Mr Nagamootoo and the AFC are responsible for the balance of power in parliament today.  If his ears are ringing it is due to the cuss out he’s receiving telepathically.  Without Mr Nagamootoo the AFC would have failed miserably and the PPP/C would have regained the majority in parliament.  The AFC is known more online and in the blogosphere than in the trenches and gutters of Guyana. They have more of an intellectual following. Since prior to 2006 I suggested they push with Mr Ramjattan and that he and Mr Trotman make a pledge to the people that they would not do a Burnham/Jagan on us. With all the atrocities going on in various sections of Guyana affecting numberless families the party was not in there crying with them.  I do not believe these guys know what it is they have to do to win Indian and overall support.

If the opposition really wanted to beat the PPP/C, APNU should have sided with the AFC and not the other way around as a lot of persons still feel. Anyone who feels otherwise does not understand the electorate and the dynamics at play.  For that I commend the AFC for sticking to

their conviction.  And, for that reason, complemented with the acquisition of Mr Nagamootoo, Guyana is given a second lease on life.   This brings me back to President Donald Ramotar. President Ramotar alone has the ability to make or break it. I must admit that right off the bat he has made a tremendous blunder. He seemed pressured to spread the spoils among the foot soldiers.  Bad move.  He has not won the battle.  According to Bud Mangal at Gecom 175,896 persons did not vote for him as opposed to 166,340 who did. He has to take a deep look at the gift given to him. He has the chance to be magnanimous.  He has the votes to tell his supporters and foot soldiers why this time it has to be different.

Why did he have to rush to appoint new ministers of government? Why couldn’t he just let those in place carry on for a few months while he took time out to think, to have discussions with the opposition, the international community, the business community, advisers on different aspects of the economy. Still, it is not too late.  He has made his decision but I would suggest he lets them know that they are temporary.

For one, he is going with the same Home Affairs minister.  Is he satisfied with this Minister’s work in the past?   Is he too firm a rock to push over?  I remember what happened the last time. I think he should have discussions with the opposition and find ways, by agreement if possible, to have some of them involved in real governance. Home Affairs should go to Mr Granger.

I would even go so far as to say that he could still sit on his side of the bench and abstain from voting against the PPP/C.
That means Mr Ramotar’s party will have to ask other members of the opposition to support them on a bill. There may be other persons Mr Ramotar can use similarly to form a far better cabinet.
I wish him and all Guyana well.

Yours faithfully,
F Skinner

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