Is it not time to commend Gecom for a job well done?

Dear Editor,
Now that the integrity of the election has been established, and  vouched for by impartial observers, is it not time to commend the Chairman of Gecom, the six Commissioners from the governing party and the opposition, the Chief Elections Officer and the staff of Gecom for a job very well and devotedly done, deserving the nation’s thanks?  Given Guyana’s history, the need for iron-clad accuracy had to take precedence over quick release of results.

And is it not clear that what has been for so long declared by so many as a national good has been achieved – power-sharing: one party with executive power, the other with legislative power?

So should we not move on to an era when the constructive engagement of the power-sharers leads step by step to a more secure national consensus and a development path recognised as benefiting all?
If not these things, then what?
Yours faithfully,
 Ian McDonald

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