Everall Franklin supported a political programme based on justice and fair play

Dear Editor,

Everall Franklin is no longer with us and I offer my condolences to his entire family. Father Malcolm Rodrigues said a Mass at the Mercy Hospital on December 8, on his behalf.

I knew him very well and was associated with him in some of his endeavours, notably his complete support of the principle of implementing an appropriate political programme based on justice and fair play. He was tireless in his support of this principle and was active in the formation of a political caucus that will be beneficial to the political well-being of the country – a caucus that will be a beacon to its political life.

In this context Mr Franklin sought the support of individuals and all groups and political parties. The credo of the programme to be implemented embodied all the legitimate aspirations of the various political idioms.

A political caucus with the aforementioned principles of justice and fair play as its credo far outshines others of a lesser calibre.

In our present situation of a hung parliament never was such a group needed more. Dishonesty, corruption and injustice have already been defeated. We have our role to play. Let us do it.

Yours faithfully,
John Fredericks MD

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