The country needs the new EZ Jet air service

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to learn from three of your news stories (SN Dec 9, 11, 13) that a new airline service (EZ Jet) will debut at Timehri from this Friday morning with a daily service except for Wednesdays. I applaud the new government for granting the approval and the company for this undertaking. Airlines have not been doing well in recent times and we must express appreciation to EZ Jet owners for this investment.

We desperately need the service in the light of the shortage of seats from the other carriers traversing the JFK-Timehri route, especially for the holiday season, because those Guyanese who wish to go home are stuck for lack of seats.  EZ Jet will fill the void.

Right now, a seat, if available, on the established carriers from JFK is over US$1100. The new service costs about half that amount, which should attract a lot of Guyanese to come home for the holidays.

Guyanese should support this carrier. The country benefits from more flights.  EZ Jet must be encouraged to succeed as it will inevitably redound to the benefit of all passengers.

Competition is good for lower prices, leading to more passengers coming home. It is hoped that the charter will expand into Toronto as well, to service the large diaspora there.

Every Guyanese who comes home spends over US$1000 boosting the economy in a variety of ways.  And the spread effects of that amount is multiplied several times as the money is recycled.  In addition, the government collects departure taxes to improve the airport.  And taxis get opportunities to boost income making so many other lives much better.

The airline industry is an important part of the country’s transport infrastructure and the economy. Directly and indirectly airlines affect every segment of the population, including the poor and the middle classes. The government should find ways to assist (through jet fuel subsidies or lower prices, landing fees, security arrangement to prevent drug trafficking, etc), EZ Jet and other Guyanese-owned carriers wishing to enter the market.  Other nations help their carriers.  The Guyana government should help those wishing to assist the nation with air travel. It is hoped that it can become an approved carrier for the nation if its service is at par or above those of the other airlines.

Yours faithfully,
Vishnu Bisram

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