The Rose Hall to Gangaram road has been poorly constructed

Dear Editor,

While four-lane highways are built elsewhere, the road from Rose Hall Canje to Gangaram is being reduced. This road was about 26 feet in some areas, and it has now been reduced to about 18 feet, with dirt shoulders which are dangerously sloped causing persons to slip and injure themselves.

It is also a traffic hazard, as any vehicles stopping do so on the carriageway, thus hindering the smooth flow of traffic. One has to stop behind that vehicle and wait for the oncoming ones to pass.

This situation is disgusting, is conducive to accidents and causes great inconvenience. The erratic execution of the work ought to be remedied immediately according to the specifications of the contract, or else the road should be upgraded to modern and acceptable standards. This is a major road in an agricultural and sugar-producing area, not a rural backdam.

Yours faithfully,
M Sookraj

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