We should have a cabinet of all parties and a two-term limit for ministers

Dear Editor,

One of the reasons given for the recycled and reshuffled ministers in the present cabinet is that the President’s choice is limited to the PPP/C list of candidates. The million dollar question is, why limit yourself only to the PPP list?

Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see recognize that we want a government of national unity.

The President, if he has his ears to the ground and his hands on the pulse of this nation will change this cabinet and choose the best from all lists of candidates. Yes, the PPP, APNU and AFC list of candidates.

While we are on the subject of honourable ministers – and I use the term honourable very loosely here – I strongly suggest that they too have a two term limit. To request public services and sacrifices from an individual for 5-10 years should be considered enough of their patriotic contributions to nation-building. They can then continue with their professional lives.

Yours faithfully,
Reggie Bhagwandin

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