We wait to see who will walk the walk on corruption

Dear Editor,

Now that the elections are over and life is getting back to normal, it is time for us to examine the way forward.  All the parties in their campaign spoke out about corruption, including the PPP, and we wait to see who will walk the walk. The AFC has made it clear that they want to examine corrupt deals and transactions. This is most welcome, as those guilty of raping the treasure must be made to pay.
We await too see what the PPP will do as regards perceived under-the-table deals and all those shady contracts – the list is long. I hope that the combined opposition is relentless in their pursuit of having some high-profile ventures properly examined, and I hope that the PPP will co-operate, for this is the time to walk the walk. This is where Mr Ramotar gets to demonstrate that he is serious about corruption and also to show what he is made of; it may be his only chance, because I suspect if the PPP doesn’t agree to facilitate such investigations, then a vote of no confidence is inevitable.

Going back to the polls because of the failure to examine these transactions can only be disastrous for the PPP, as this is perhaps the reason why they have not gotten a majority in the first place. The second time around they may not even have the presidency.

The Guyanese people are waiting and watching, times are changing, and the power of the people is slowly coming to the fore. The days of arrogance and disrespect are slowly going by and it is becoming clear that no party has a monopoly over the people any more.

So let’s get down to business, let us get a good team of investigators who can track all the ill-gotten gains wherever in the world they may be stashed, no matter whose name they may be under. Once it‘s the property of the Guyanese people, we want it back.

Yours faithfully,
A Rodrigues

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