We should do more to prevent traffic accidents

Dear Editor,

The value of prevention can be summarized in the old adages: ‘Prevention is better than cure’ or ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ Simply because of the breakdown of law, order and discipline we are faced with the regular occurrences of serious accidents of all types.

Guyana has experienced some prosperity over the years and our vehicular traffic is quite substantial and busy. Nevertheless, if vehicular users and pedestrians would listen to road safety talks and exercise due caution, our accident rate would be far less.

The quality of the roads is generally better, but there is still need for improvement in width and solid foundations to cope with heavy vehicles and so they would be more durable. Traffic lights must be properly maintained and streets should be better illuminated. The traffic department should be fully staffed and well equipped. Traffic cops should act professionally.

The writer would like to bring to the attention of the competent authorities the importance of establishing safeguards at certainly junctions. For example, on the way to the Timehri Airport, the Demerara River borders much of the road at Craig Village and a couple others. Some years ago a car plunged into the river and the occupants perished. If we are not waiting on a disaster to happen we ought to check on dangerous sections of our roads and try to set up sturdy barriers to help save lives.

In conclusion, the Christmas Season is an extremely busy time on our roadways; let us hasten to put firm and well proven systems in place to ensure there is safety for all.

Yours faithfully,
Malcolm Clarke

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