Commissioner Greene going on leave is a welcome first step

Dear Editor,

The decision that Acting Police Commissioner Greene should proceed on leave (whoever made it) is a welcome first step towards a proper investigation into the allegations of rape made against him.

We have heard speculations as to whether Mr. Greene committed the act of rape or whether it was a deal turned sour. If an investigation is conducted by an arms-length and properly constituted body, the truth will be revealed. External help with the investigation, as called for by Mr Ramotar, will help reassure us all that the investigation will not be compromised. It is a sad truth, but it is the truth.

There have long been allegations that Mr Greene was involved in incidents of this nature before but the allegations have  never been investigated. Every group working with women and children in violent situations has heard report after report of the abuses of power by men who have power. These allegations usually go nowhere because of fear.  The men pay no legal sanctions and no social sanctions. They sit in high offices. They are welcome at every cocktail party, at the meetings of the respectable clubs to which they belong, and even at religious functions. So far, the laws against domestic and sexual violence have only been  applied to the criminals without that kind of social power.

Let this mark the moment at which the whole society finds a new determination to end this injustice.

Yours faithfully,
Andaiye and Joy Marcus
For Red Thread

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