Grateful to Region 10 EAB observers

Dear Editor,

Though the Electoral Assistance Bureau (EAB) has already thanked their observers/volunteers for coming on board and being part of their team and for displaying commitment and patriotism during our just concluded November 28 electoral exercise, I nonetheless would like to personally add my special bit of thanks to all the Region 10 observers, supervisors and the Assistant Coordinator. They made a great effort and exercised much patience during the process to the end of the poll count in their polling stations late into the night – midnight and beyond.

Amid a few early morning glitches and a modicum of uneasiness along the way, I need to commend them for their dedication and steadfastness shown on this, a most important day in our lives as a people.

Further, I need to say how glad I was to each and every one who expressed satisfaction and delight at having had the opportunity to work as an observer – “It was a nice experience” – though as they noted, there is always room for improvement.

Their services were most invaluable and the EAB will forever be grateful.

Profound respect.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe
EAB Coordinator

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